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Project Description

An application using the Expression Encoder SDK to make it easier to encode high def videos from different sources maintaining 5.1 surround sound. Provides batch encoding.

Expression Encoder is a great tool for encoding files to high def wmv files. Unfortunately it only encodes the audio to 2 channel stereo. Also, while it can do batch encodings, you have to set each file up individually. Fortunately Microsoft provided the Expression Encoder SDK. The SDK can also load profiles created by both Expression Encoder and Windows Media Encoder, which is a free download. Windows Media Encoder does provide 6 channel (5.1) and 8 (7.1) audio encoding. So using profiles created by Windows Media Encoder we can get 6 channel and 8 channel output.

The other purpose of this application is to more easily batch encode files. For example I download movie trailers and need to encode them so I view them on the XBox (I use the XBox as a media extender and created a plugin for Media Center VideoViewer for viewing movies, trailers and TV episodes). So I wanted to be able to just import a folder and set a default profile, but still have the flexibility to set the basic encoding options. If more control is desired, you can set the settings in Expression Encoder and save the profile, then just drop in a folder.

Note: Expression Encoder must be installed, the express version will not work.

Other options include
  • Output files to a single folder, or the same folder as the source file.
  • Delete the file after it has been encoded
  • Close the appllication after all files have been encoded
  • Add video and audio profiles from Expression Encoder and Windows Media Encoder just by putting them in a directory

Pretty much, if Expression Encoder will open a file, this application will. I've only tested it with mov files and mkv files.


Should be pretty simple to use:
  1. Choose a default video and audio profile and Video Complexity.
  2. Select a folder to import files from (click the browse button next to the source folder text box), then click Load Files. Or click Add File to add a single file.
  3. Wait until the status of the files is set to ready.
  4. Set the output options. If you want the files to output to a single directory, select the directory. If you want the encoded file to be in the same directory as the source file check the appropriate checkbox.
  5. To adjust encoding settings, select the file and and choose the setting you want. Audio settings can only be set using profiles. If a different profile is needed, the best way is to download Windows Media Encoder and use the included Profile Editor and export the profile and copy it to the profile folder.
  6. Hit the encode button.

Tutorial for mkv files



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