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How to encode mkv files

Download and install codecs

This will allow you to play mkv files.

Set AC3 Filter settings:

  • Set the output format to 3/2+SW 5.1 channels and Format to PCM 24bit
  • Go to the System tab and make sure AC3 and DTS and any other are checked.

Prepare the mkv file

Open up the mkv file in mkvmerge (installed with MKVToolnix and uncheck everything but the video track and the audio track. Some mkvs will have multiple audio tracks, sub-title tracks, and chapter tracks. Make sure you select the correct audio track. Set the output file then select start muxing.

That's it. Import it into Video Encoder and select the encoding options and encode. The codecs and AC3 filter are one time things, preparing the file needs to be done everytime.

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